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Our Portfolio

Public Spaces

From high-end retail to atrium lobby spaces and interior rooftop gardens, S&H has created welcoming and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Corporate Offices

Starting with the first impression in the reception area, plants should draw the eye into the space and be scaled properly for their surroundings. One large plant in an interesting container can be much more effective than several small ones.


Plants and water features are attributes of classy, high-end spaces that attract tenants ad impress visitors.

Seasonal Color

Effective use of seasonal color can run the gamut from a single, well-placed orchid to hundreds of flowers rotated on a bi-weekly basis.  Colorful tropical plants can also be incorporated for a less expensive punch of color that will last for months at a time.

Color, Shape & Texture

Attention to the principles of color, shape and texture in conjunction with respect for the architecture of the surrounding space produces the special look that our customers strive for.